28-Day Self-Love Challenge

28-Day Self-love Challenge

Self-love is not selfish. It's time to put yourself first with this self-love challenge.

I wanted to take time today to remind you to participate in this 28-day self-love challenge!

I know that a very common limiting belief is that you have no time for anything, let alone a self-care routine.
Have you learned to live in chaos? Become too comfortable with feeling exhausted & overworked… or have you just given up on trying to fight it anymore?
Whatever the excuse, bottom line is that you are NEVER too busy for self-love!
As overwhelming as it may seem to start something new, self-love should not be tossed away to be forgotten about, because self-care is a vital part of life. In fact, learning to squeeze self-care into your life may lead to less stress, more patience & a clearer focus.

With that being said, I have created a calendar to give you some ideas to try for this month! Take the moment in as you are participating & notice your thoughts & feelings.

πŸ‘‰ I would love to know more self-care tips as well! Drop a comment of your favorite self-care activity.Β 

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