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About Marcie Walker LLC

A woman-owned business founded in 2016, Marcie Walker LLC focuses on holistic wellness through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Executive Leadership and Development Coach, Marcie Walker helps people own their circumstances and take control of their lives by providing practical tools to relieve stress, stop suffering, and find solutions.

With specialties in therapeutic imagery, trauma resolution, and hypnosis for immune disorders, she uses hypnosis to help change lifestyles, reset stress hormones, and improve focus. Marcie also works with executives and leaders to create and cultivate cultures that address the physiological and psychological needs of their teams.

I am so grateful for my life’s storms, experiences, and my teachers along the way because, without them, I would not have had a catalyst for change. I learned that I am resilient, strong, and adaptable to change. If I can recreate my life by realigning my story with my soul’s purpose, SO CAN YOU!

About Marcie

A native Northern Nevadan, Marcie served as the Chief Financial Officer for R Construction in Reno, Nevada for 10 years before establishing her namesake company with the mission to help others find their purpose through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy. Her journey with hypnotherapy began in 2010 to improve focus and gain insight from a clear perspective while maintaining her high-stress corporate role. After graduating from New Vista International as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2013 she continued obtaining certifications, and in 2016 she became a Certified Life Coach from the Life Purpose Institute. In January 2020, Marcie decided to combat her stress-related illnesses by making significant changes in her lifestyle including abandoning her corporate career to commit to living in alignment with her values through Marcie Walker, LLC.  

Marcie is also the Founder and inaugural Reno Chapter Director for POWHer of WE, a women entrepreneur and business owner membership community of success-minded women savvy enough to compete and strong enough to collaborate. The group empowers women in business by providing a nurturing environment for honest, results-based communication, practical business, and professional development education, mentoring and support, and authentic connections leading to meaningful and profitable collaborations. 

Rounding out her talents, Marcie also is a Hula Hoop Dance Instructor and teaches weekly outdoor hula hooping classes in Reno and Gardnerville allowing people to relax and relieve stress while getting a fun workout.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt)

  • Specialities:
    • P-A-U-S-E model
    • ABCs of Success
    • Hypnosis for Immune Disorders
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Dream Therapy
    • General Self Improvement

Member, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)

Member, American Hypnosis Association

Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach (CELDC)

Academies Certified Strengths Coach (ACSC)

Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute

Project Management, UNR Extended Studies

Human Resource Management, UNR Extended Studies

Facilitator, The Energy Codes by Mortar Institute for Bioenergetics

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