Marcie's Holistic Approach

Marcie’s services encompass a holistic approach to decreasing stress, increasing wellness, and boosting productivity using brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy. Individual and executive coaching sessions and seminars are designed to help build emotional intelligence by first developing self-awareness then social awareness, answering the questions of “who am I” and “who am I in a team environment.”

Business Services Provided

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

As leaders, our responsibility is to create and cultivate cultures that address the physiological and psychological needs of our team. Corporate Programs are designed to flip the script on traditional top-down management styles to a human-centered, servant-leadership philosophy. These programs from Marcie Walker are designed to align personal values with corporate values through various aspects of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention strategies. 

Some of the competencies Marcie Walker can assist businesses with are:

  • Team Building
  • Career Development
  • Stress Resiliency
  • Coping with a Virtual or Socially Distanced Environment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance
  • Creative Blocks
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Corporate Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Procrastination
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Culture Shift

Management & HR Consulting

Let Marcie Walker help you, your management team, or your human resources department with:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Operations and Process Improvement
  • Company Organizational Assessment
  • Talent and Workforce Assessment & Development
  • Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, and Retention Strategies
  • Wellness & Wellbeing Programs

Business Support

Need help setting up your dream healing practice?   Marcie can help you with:   

  • Business Planning and Development
  • Business Licensing
  • Quickbooks Online Setup
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Review
  • Website Design

Individual Coaching

Move from a state of fight-flight-freeze-frantic-fearful-frustrated to flow-flourish, peace-possibility, calm-connect, create-confident.    

Through active listening and powerful questioning, Marcie will help you create self-awareness and increase insights that will lead to goal-related actions. Together you will design an action plan to intentionally reach your goals. You will learn to prioritize, distill your goals into actionable steps, and learn methods to sustain your momentum and progress.

You can expect to gain:

  • Increased confidence
  • A toolbox of resources to help you handle even the most stressful of events
  • Improved communication skills
  • The potential to say “no” when you mean it
  • Decisiveness
  • The ability to identify and nurture your innate superpowers
  • The power to attract and maintain more fulfilling relationships

Individual Hypno-Coaching

Through active listening, powerful questioning, and hypnotherapy Marcie will treat the programming and conditioning lying underneath “your story.” She will help you create self-awareness and connect the dots in your life to increase insights that will lead to goal-related actions. With a custom action plan, you will learn to ‘own’ your circumstances and take control of your life through the use of practical tools designed to relieve stress, stop suffering, and help you find solutions. 

Integrative Health & Wellness Program

This is a comprehensive program that evaluates all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease processes. This healing-oriented program focuses on the whole person; including the mind, body, spirit, and community. Marcie will incorporate the use of both conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response. You will partner with an APRN and Certified Nutritionist to implement a plan customized for you and your personal goals.

Marcie Walker focuses on holistic wellness through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy using the 5 Step PAUSE Model. Depending on how long the circumstances have been ignored, she may spend more time in one area of the model than others.

P: Present. When your attention is unfocused, your mind disconnects or drifts away, reducing your ability to accomplish your goals or be successful. Neuroscientists teach that happiness is determined by our mental habits, and more specifically, where we consistently place our attention.

A: Aware Witness. Manage your inner state and observe your “situation” without judgment or opinion. Step out of the drama of life and gain insight from a clear perspective.

U: Unwind. Focus on unwinding the past so that you can create meaningful resources, which balance and integrate your body and mind.

S: Surrender. Recognize resistance, projections, and emotional attachments of your protective personality or ego and accept life’s circumstances. Uncover the underlying lesson the experience is teaching you.

E: Evoke. Align your passion, higher values, and personal gifts to achieve your excellence.

These programs and the tools provided will enable you to

  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Access a resilient and stable personality in times of stress and uncertainty
  • Strengthen self-image
  • Develop positive, empowered feelings
  • Manage impulsive behaviors


Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused state of heightened awareness and concentration. Hypnosis helps you gain control over undesired behaviors and better cope with anxiety or stress. During the trance-like state of hypnosis, your brain enters the Theta brain wave state. In the Theta brain wave state, you remain aware and don’t lose control over your behavior. In fact, you enter the Theta brain wave state throughout the day without even realizing it, like when you read a good book or focus on the plot of a movie.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique using hypnosis to create long-lasting positive change by helping them relax and focus. Hypnotherapists use verbal repetition and mental images to incite hypnosis and guide the mind through a deep state of focus. Once the client reaches the state of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist presents them with metaphors, stories, similes, and suggestions, which are absorbed in the subconscious mind and take root to create positive behavioral change. 

Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

No, but I do offer affordable prices, have payment plans on packages, and accept several payment options including PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, and others. Additionally, for some in need of assistance, I have some hypnotherapy scholarships available through an application process.

    • To create lasting changes, I typically see clients once a week for 12 sessions or three months.  
    • Each client responds to hypnotherapy differently and there are a variety of factors at play, including how much responsibility each client is willing to take for their own progress. For it to be successful, hypnotherapy requires clients to be willing to put in the time and effort. Hypnotherapy creates small changes over time, which, in the end, result in big changes.

I follow the American Council of Hypnotic Examiners Code of Ethics policy which states: I will keep confidential any information obtained in the course of service within the legal limits of reporting requirements in the jurisdiction where I practice. I will disclose any such limits of confidentiality to my clients prior to providing services. I will ensure that the client’s anonymity and privacy is safeguarded in the publication of any clinical material.

Pricing varies. I offer reduced bulk package pricing; the more you buy the more you save.

My office is located in Reno, Nevada. However I offer virtual sessions via Zoom.

    • The states of hypnosis and meditation share the same brainwave state: Theta. Hypnosis and meditation are used together to create positive change and transform your life.
    • Meditation is a passive technique where you ignore outside stimuli and quiet your mind to find a single focal point. Hypnosis is a type of meditation, but it is an active technique used to create positive change by altering behaviors, beliefs, fears, and other thought patterns.

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