Wild Sage Society 

The Wild Sage Society

Wild Sage Society 


In 2018, I felt this deep-rooted primal awakening in myself.  It was a calling to hold sacred space for women of all ages and backgrounds.  For them to fully realign themselves with their authentic feminine nature.  My calling is to be a Clan Mother for my Tribe — women.  A partner to be called upon for struggling women to realign their stories with their hearts and dreams.  To support women transmute their pasts into strength and courage for future endeavors. My offerings are to support women to heal their stories by deepening their connection to their bodies.   


It is such an important time for women now. The world around us is changing. Consciousness as a whole is changing. Gender roles are changing.  Masculine and Feminine energies are shifting.  It’s time for women to join together in love, courage, strength, and a common vision. Time to heal ourselves, realign with our internal and ancient wisdom, and hold space for others’ healing.  Each tapping into our inner Viking Warrior, Medicine Woman, Witch, Empress, or for me my Cherokee Indian roots of many, many moons before.  


It’s time for women all over the world to embrace our inner “label”, critic, or the story that keeps us feeling “stuck” and playing small.  Heal your past and learn to realign your story with your heart and dreams.  Healing can happen in so many ways it could be as simple as creating sacred space and holding an intention.  We were put on this earth with all of the answers around us and inside of us.  


My calling is to be of service to women, to use my gifts and lifelong learning to do so.  Learning to translate your own body’s road map, listening to your body’s signals and cues, listening to their intuition, and receiving support from the sacred circle (a hula hoop, a monthly gathering of women in circle, or using the medicine wheel to address specific areas in one’s life).  Nurturing healing by tapping into earth’s gifts plants, herbs (herbal medicine and essential oils), organic fruits and vegetables, elements (earth, water, fire, and air), and the energy of the moon. 


Harness the power, mystery and magic of the witch to stir the boiling cauldron within your body, heart and soul. Feel the heat from your heart calling for something different. Stop numbing that fire, that calling.  Harness the strength and fearlessness of a Viking to fight and die fighting…. 


I’m proud to introduce The Wild Sage Society.  A membership-based group that supports female healers and conscious small business owners feeling the pressure of creating positive change manifested as stress, anxiety, apathy, chaos, disorganization, and stagnation. Using ancient wisdom and healing practices of herbalism, hypnosis, psychology, Shamanism, metaphysics, Enneagram, yoga, somatic breathwork, dance, Astrology/Human Design, and sound healing.  Integrating modern practices such as project management, coaching, and weaving-conscious business practices.


As the world and society change with a rise in suicide, depression, and decreased mental health, healed healers are needed more than ever.  The Wild Sage Society offers a safe haven and reprieve for healers.  For more information about membership, monthly workshops, and The Annual Gathering and Retreat in Northstar, Tahoe July 29th-July 31st, please, email marcie@marciewalker.com.



Coming soon…. The Wild Sage Society Academy.  An online training program with self-guided modules and weekly calls. Making self-exploration and development readily available, convenient, and stress-free through technology.  Guiding members through the stages of:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Exploration

  • Self-Discovery

  • Self-Understanding

  • Self-Love

  • Self-Transformation

  • Self-Mastery


Founder of Marcie Walker LLC in Reno, NV, Marcie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology; Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach; Certified Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach; and an intuitive leader. Her area of specialization is working with people who are having difficulty living their lives to the fullest including those who have developed immune disorders and those who have experienced trauma.  

Practicing living her own life to the fullest, Marcie is also the Founder and inaugural Reno Chapter Director for POWHer of WE, a women entrepreneur, and business owner membership community; a Hula Hoop Dance Instructor teaching weekly hula hooping classes allowing people to relax and relieve stress while getting a fun workout; and is in the process of actualizing her lifelong dream of creating a holistic wellness center.

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